Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just some stuff...

Hello guys!
La Pedriza has one of the the best granite you´ve ever climbed, incredible! in a endless beatiful landscape. However, climbing here needs cold, the best season is from fall to spring. On summer, we use to clean and open new lines and on winter despite it's often too cold (for the Spanish people) there are the best conditions for climbing.

"Potrillo desbocado", 7b+ carles

We have two blogs:
The firts one we talk exclusively there about boulder in La Pedriza. A lot of pictures, videos and topo ("croquis" in Spanish). We have added a boulder searcher, where you can type the boulder/crag you are looking for and you will have all the post where we talk about in our blog.

Santi on "el arbol del ahorcado",7c/8a Dyno in La Dehesa, Pedriza

The second one the travel blog: Spain, France, USA, Switzerland, etc. Both are interconnected by El Blog de los Viajes, right up of the screen.
Contact with us through these emails address and we will try to show you the best boulders, introduce you about sleep areas and all the information that you could need.
There is big brunch of boulder for all level climbers!!! At the present time, more than 1000 lines and we are in expansion.
We will be very happy to meet people in this formidable place to climb the best boulders from Spain. Moreover, you have the chance to share this visit with the famous boulders from El Escorial, Zarzalejo and AlbarracĂ­n.
See you later! Miguel AKA Perfi

Adri on "Fantasy Line", 7b+